SOFIA - Society of Football Intermediaries and Agents (association)
Interim Vice-Chair Appointment Confirmed
24th April 2017
FA Intermediary Sanctions & Suspensions – June 2017
21st June 2017

SOFIA Aims & Regulations Released

SOFIA - Society of Football Intermediaries and Agents (association)

SOFIA Regulations Released Publicly……

Regulations Released for SOFIA Society of Football Intermediaries and Agents

SOFIA are pleased to formally release the first version of their “Aims & Regulations” document,  also incorporating the “Members Charter”.     Click here.

These documents have been a work in progress for many months, firstly flowing between the founder members of SOFIA and our legal advisors.  Once in final draft form, they were provided to key stakeholders in football and football governance and feedback was sought.  We are very grateful for the time taken by so many to give us feedback and this assisted us in producing our revised drafts.

The documents were then circulated to the interested media and released by SOFIA shortly after our first presentations in Manchester and London last week (26th & 27th March 2017).  They are now here for all to see……..

A key aim for SOFIA will be to ensure that our members have the opportunity to provide input in to our governing documents and we will expect to see them amended from time to time  (subject to the process for that as set out in the Regulations), to ensure that we best reflect the needs of our members and the aims of our mission statement.   Football is a fluid and fast moving industry and SOFIA expects that our Aims & Regulations and Charter will need to remain similarly fluid.


For any media enquiries about SOFIA and its plans, please contact SOFIA’s media team via