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2nd May 2017
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9th August 2017

FA Intermediary Sanctions & Suspensions – June 2017

FA Intermediary Sanctions and Suspensions Announced – June 2017

A Strong Emphasis on the Protection of Minors


Dear Intermediaries

In reference to the recently announced sanctions by the FA which lists Intermediaries who have been suspended as a result of disciplinary activity . 15 of the 18 disciplinary charges relate to unauthorised dealings between Intermediaries and minors.

Download “FA Intermediary Suspensions - June 2017” suspended-intermediaries-14-june-2017.pdf – Downloaded 617 times – 1 MB

Clearly, this is an area that is attracting significant attention from the FA’s Disciplinary Team, so we would encourage all Intermediaries to familiarise themselves with the rules relating to minors. If you have any intention of representing minors then we strongly recommend that you go through the appropriate DBS clearances well in advance of approaching a minor to ensure you do not inadvertently breach the rules. If you fail to register your DBS clearance with the FA before approaching a minor then any such approach will put you in breach of the FA rules, and as we can see from this suspension list, the FA will take action.

Furthermore, whilst the fines are relatively small and the suspensions are short, they could nonetheless have a significant impact on your business. If your Intermediary registration is suspended for any period of time, a player/club may be entitled to terminate their representation contract with you with immediate effect. As well as losing out on future opportunities, you could also lose any entitlement to sums already due under existing contracts.

Child safeguarding is understandably a hot topic in sport, and there can be no argument when the FA takes action against Intermediaries to protect minors. Therefore, please make sure you are fully informed and aware of the responsibilities you have when it comes to dealing with young players. We will be running a workshop in the not too distant future to discuss and advise on “A Practical Approach to Intermediaries & Minors”. Please register if you would be interested in attending. If you have any queries in the interim, please contact us

In the meantime, best of luck with your business this window. We look forward to meeting you soon.



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