SOFIA - Society of Football Intermediaries and Agents (association)
SOFIA Workshops and Dates Announced
6th October 2017
SOFIA - Society of Football Intermediaries and Agents (association)
SOLD OUT – Overseas Workshop for Football Intermediaries and Agents
11th January 2018

Overseas Players & Playing Overseas Workshop for Football Intermediaries and Agents

SOFIA - Society of Football Intermediaries and Agents (association)

Whilst it cannot be argued that football is a worldwide game, watched by billions worldwide and with players of various nationalities playing in leagues all around the world separate only by a flight (or two) - the complications of where a player can ply their trade and play professionally is a far more difficult equation.

It is not so much a simple task anymore for the players' intermediary (agent) to simply find them the opportunity to play but also to ensure that these opportunities are legitimate in terms of FIFA, the country where the player wants to play and the association of the club they may be playing for.

The UK whilst being perceived as an easy place for talented professionals to come and work is not so simple for those plying their trade as professional footballers and with the added complications that may be caused by Brexit for some it is increasingly important that a players intermediary (agent) is aware of the restrictions and implications of a player playing overseas and/or a player looking to come and play professionally in the United Kingdom.

Overseas Players and Playing Overseas Workshop for Football Intermediaries and Agents

Wednesday 17th January 2018 : 2.00pm – 4.30pm : London, WC2H 6AH

This workshop coordinated by SOFIA (Society of Football Intermediaries & Agents) being run for those of you who want to learn more about bringing foreign players into the English leagues - both pre and post-Brexit. It is run by a leading sports immigration lawyer, who has taught and worked with Premier League football clubs on the various ways in which foreign players can be eligible to play in England. You will learn about the Tier 2 visa (or ‘work permit’), as well as the ancestry routes, family options, and availability of other European citizenship.

Given the huge interest in the Chinese market, we will also have an introduction to doing business in China from a highly regarded Chinese lawyer who has worked for some of the clubs in the Chinese Super League. In particular, they will talk about the contractual things to look out for when dealing with Chinese clubs and agents.

Eventbrite - Finance, Tax & Legal Workshop for Football Intermediaries and Agents

For SOFIA members this event FREE and included in your annual subscription
If you apply to join SOFIA at the workshop, SOFIA will apply the workshop base price as a reduction to your SOFIA registration fee.

Our last workshop (on tax, image rights, and corruption/bribery legislation) was informative…and oversubscribed. We will run the workshop again in the coming months.

We will also be arranging another workshop on what you need to know when dealing with minors - complying with the regulations, and the legalities and enforceability when entering into contracts with players under the age of 18. If you have other ideas for topics you would like to learn more about then please let us know.

More SOFIA workshops, seminars and events are in the process of being planned for the future, and we will strive to ensure the most informative and useful events for football agents and intermediaries to benefit their professional development.

If there is a football or sports related topic or issue that you are unsure about, want to find out more about or receive an update on please let us know and we will try to ensure this is incorporated into a future events ……… and access to these is subsidised (if not FREE for SOFIA members).

We are working hard with professional associate organisations to make available to you some of the most informed professional advice and facilities, so as to enable you to undertake your intermediary activity in a professional, effective and legal manner.