An independent and representative voice for authorised football agents & intermediaries

GOVERNING DOCUMENT - Aims and Regulations

The Governing Document may well be referred to as the basis of the 'Rules and Regulations' of SOFIA, or even a 'constitution'. However, while we maintain an organisational structure for governance of the organisation through the governing document, at this stage it is not our aim to self-regulate the industry and thus leave this in the hands of football's governing bodies.

SOFIA's stance on governance in the industry is primarily to support, voice and represent the interests of its members with football's governing bodies and stakeholders. In developing a strong and cooperative working relationship with stakeholders, participants and governing bodies, we hope to build an effective association whereby we can influence key governance decisions affecting agents and intermediaries.

structured, independent, representative association

run by the members,for the members


An integral part of SOFIA's aims in terms of policies and maintaining standards in the profession is that members of SOFIA maintain effective communication, understanding and cooperation among one another. In such a commercially volatile and competitive industry, we appreciate that there is always the potential for commercial conflict and misunderstanding; therefore one of the elements SOFIA has implemented is the members charter.

The charter is in place as an agreed memorandum of understanding among members, which they agree to recognise and subsequently adhere to upon joining SOFIA (and during their subsequent membership) to benefit not only themselves but also their fellow members. Thus : (i) avoiding unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings in their professional dealings, and (ii) facilitating a means of mutual cooperation to the benefit of all members and SOFIA.

In addition to encouraging a common understanding between members of SOFIA, the 'Members Charter' is also in essence a code of conduct with the aim of implementing a core set of ethical values not just between SOFIA members internally, but also with the wider football and sports community.

Through the members charter (and other governing documents) SOFIA aims to encourage professional practice and a core set of ethical values amongst SOFIA members. How members subsequently conduct themselves and undertake their duties as a registered agent or intermediary when dealing with their clients (e.g. players, clubs) and other associated participants in the sport will ensure that SOFIA members are credible and are proud to be a member of SOFIA.

enhancing professional standard & ethical conduct amongst registered football intermediaries & agents


One of the key areas on which SOFIA is focussed is not just the core society regulations and members charter, but also a collective understanding and ethical code shared by its members in how they conduct themselves. This not only concerns their professional duties and obligations to their clients but also their fellow members of SOFIA.

The society recognises that disputes and misunderstandings in such a competitive and unpredictable industry are inevitable and as such SOFIA aims to make available to members a mediation preocedure that will resolve such misunderstandings, conflicts and disputes between one another in a streamlined, fair and cost-effective manner without the need for them seek legal recourse or engage in a time-consuming and costly formal arbitration process.

SOFIA's dispute resolution process is a two stage system, with the first stage involving the disputing parties undertaking an informal mediation process with a representative officer from SOFIA. This is to be done with the aim of reaching a mutually agreed settlement to the dispute without the need to go further.

Should the informal mediation stage of the dispute resolution process not reach a satisfactory conclusion or settlement for the parties involved, then SOFIA will aim to facilitate a more formal mediation process at stage 2 for the disputing parties. This will involve the appointment of an independent and qualified mediator from a list of mediators approved by SOFIA.

It is the intention of SOFIA in providing such dispute resolution facilities to its members to minimise costs (and theconsequences of disputes betweenits members) and expedite resolution process.

dispute resolution procedures to assist in resolving matters amicably, efficiently & cost effectively